Run powerful performance reviews.

Simplify what's complicated: assigning and tracking goals as easy as one two three.

Flexible Goals/OKR Settings

  • Eliminate administration and set your goals much faster, much more flexible.
  • Set it annually. Set it semesterly. Set it quarterly.
  • Set it fast, and assign to your team faster.

Individual Goals/OKR Settings

  • Assign your goals and set the privacy.
  • Your manager to be notified by your new goals.
  • Goals you set to be approved or rejected by your manager.
  • Join in the conversation.

Set Goals/OKR for your team

  • Set it in one click, a goal for the whole department.
  • Assign who is in charge of the goals/OKR updates.
  • Lock on check-ins time to demand for an update. from your team.
  • See updates and join in the conversation.

See Alignment

  • See the whole department and whole company progress.
  • Notice the bottleneck.
  • Analyze insights from the organization chart progress visuals.
Task Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can sign OKR for subordinates. Creating new Objective or adding more Key Results is available.

Yes you can in one cliek assign the same OKR for all your subordinates. You can also specify and click only certain positions in your department when you want.

We provide 2 kinds of scoring. The first one is progress, meaning the raw percentage progress of the completion of your subordinates’s OKR. We also provide performance scoring: this is available when your company’s administrator enable performance scoring with weighting on each Objective & Key Results. You will be presented with either progress or performance scoring for each Quarter and annually for each of your subordinates.

Yes you can!