Improve productivity through streamlined performance management tools.

Aligning purposes, counting progress, and keeping your people productive.

Run powerful performance reviews.

Set goals for company, department, even to individuals level in simple steps. Being notified for every new goals and numbers set, by your superordinates and subordinates. Update your completion as you go.

Set up check-ins and be reminded when an update is needed. Join in the conversation to agree on new milestone.

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Prioritise and track tasks better, easier.

Set your tasks with priority level. Assign individual in charge. Collaborate with relevant department in working together to a set goal.

Comment, like, and stay engaged within the department and the company.

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One powerful dashboard in an instant.

Gather the data of all performance from all department. See in which area your company is lacking the progress. Track how often your team missed an update.

Look for yourself who is the high performer. Pay attention to how many tasks are abandoned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Objective & Key Result (OKR) is a framework for goal management, to make sure the alignment from company’s goals to department’s and even individual’s level.

Because it just works. It’s lightweight, simple, and intuitive. Everyone can understand from top to bottoms, as it combines goal management and execution. Also, it’s dynamic, following the changes in business environment and competition.

According to Gartner, 70% of chief strategists are not confident in aligning the goals from strategic plans to execution levels. OKR provides transparency and engagement in seeing the alignment better, so that when employees perform, company achieves their goals.

Because we do not only provide you with quarterly OKR, but also one in all performance appraisal in conventional yearly appraisal, combining between OKR and KPI making it a powerful one stop performance management platform for your company.

Yes! For the subscription of minimum 1 year, we provide 1 consultant free of charge who will be in touch with your employees to make sure of an effective change management for the first 1 month. We provide for longer period of time as well. Please contact our sales for further discussion on this.