Frequently Asked Questions

Objective & Key Result (OKR) is a framework for goal management, to make sure the alignment from company’s goals to department’s and even individual’s level.

Because it just works. It’s lightweight, simple, and intuitive. Everyone can understand from top to bottoms, as it combines goal management and execution. Also, it’s dynamic, following the changes in business environment and competition.

According to Gartner, 70% of chief strategists are not confident in aligning the goals from strategic plans to execution levels. OKR provides transparency and engagement in seeing the alignment better, so that when employees perform, company achieves their goals.

Because we do not only provide you with quarterly OKR, but also one in all performance appraisal in conventional yearly appraisal, combining between OKR and KPI making it a powerful one stop performance management platform for your company.

Yes! For the subscription of minimum 1 year, we provide 1 consultant free of charge who will be in touch with your employees to make sure of an effective change management for the first 1 month. We provide for longer period of time as well. Please contact our sales for further discussion on this.

Yes you can sign OKR for subordinates. Creating new Objective or adding more Key Results is available.

Yes you can in one cliek assign the same OKR for all your subordinates. You can also specify and click only certain positions in your department when you want.

We provide 2 kinds of scoring. The first one is progress, meaning the raw percentage progress of the completion of your subordinates’s OKR. We also provide performance scoring: this is available when your company’s administrator enable performance scoring with weighting on each Objective & Key Results. You will be presented with either progress or performance scoring for each Quarter and annually for each of your subordinates.

Yes you can!

Yes you can attach documents, whether it’s on the conversation on the task card, or when you assign a task to someone.

Yes you can mention them, and they will be able to comment and discuss the conversation as well.


Yes, you can. Your manager or your subordinates will not be able to see it.

Yes, you can.

There are privacy levels that you can set on your company. One that can oversee everything is Super Administrator, CEO, and selected C-levels that you want.

Each employees are only allowed to download what they can see based on privacy settings set by Administrator.